Saturday, May 14, 2011

Japanese Comedians Part 3

 This is Tamori, he quite famous and is never seen without his signature sunglasses.
While Takeshi Kitano is known in the US for directing  his dark gangster films, he started off as as stand up comedian, and is known as beat Takeshi. He hosts multiple TV shows and is in numerous commercials.

Japanese Comedians Part 2

This comedy duo is called "Tunnels" made up of Ishibashi Takaaki and Kinashi Noritake. They host a TV show  now, and often dress as female mowtown singers.
 This is "Hard Gay". He always wears skimpy leather outfits and sunglasses.
This duo is called "Audrey". The guy on the right loves his sweaters.

Japanese Comedians Part 1

 The comedy duo "99". Yabe on the left, and Okamura on the right.
 TV host Sanma.
Edo Harumi whose signature move is giving the double thumps up while saying "goo (d)"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mini Guide to Osaka - Part 1

Osaka became the first true capital of Japan in the 16th century. Construction of Osaka was completed in 1598. It is usually considered to be the third largest city in Japan. Osaka has a distinct culture and dialect of its own.  Osaka is known for its tako-yaki (octopus balls) and okonomiyaki ( a fried mix of cabbage, egg, and meat or seafood). Osaka has the only other international airport outside Tokyo, built on a man-made island.

Valentines Day in Japan

Guys in Japan are quite lucky in that Valentines is a chance for girls to give chocolate to boys they like.  Of course girls also give chocolate to male co-workers, bosses, and friends as well. This is call "giri-choco" as in being obligatory. Guys don't get off scott free though, Japan made up a holiday called white day, where men return the favor.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

word of the day

There are a lot of words used in Japanese that people assume are english, but are only used in Japan. One example of this is the word スキンシップ (skinship). It describes physical contact, specifically contant between a mother and child, but has expanded to include physical intimacy or even extended eye contact.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Today is Setsubun. Every February 3rd, people in Japan throw roasted soybeans in and around the house to keep demons away. One person usually acts as the demon and runs around, while the others throw beans at him/her.   It is customary for people to pick up and eat the same number of beans as their own age.